DIY: Cuff Bracelet



This silver cuff has been sitting on my dresser eyeing me for the last 3 months. I had bought it because 1 it was on sale and 2 I figured I could spruce it up a bit. Finally tired of looking at my bare-bargain-buy I decided it was time to turn it into some arm candy I could wear this spring!



  • Cuff Bracelet
  • Gems (pick any color and shape and size)
  • E600 glue
  • Double stick tape(not pictured above sorry)


Step 1: Cut your double stick tape into small squares to fit on the back of your gems.


Step 2:Start laying out your design. The use of the double stick tape will allow you to arrange each gem directly on the cuff. Be as creative as you want and play around a bit until your satisfied with the look.

add some glue

Step 3:  When your settled on your design bring out the glue. Take off a gem one at a time. Be careful not to knock off any other gems. I worked from the outside and made my way to the middle.  Remove the double stick tape and apply a small amount of glue to the back and place the gem carefully back on your cuff. Press down for about a second or two and then continue.  Repeat until all gems have been glued into place.

Step 4: Let the glue dry overnight!!


Step 5: take your cuff out for a spin!



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