DIY Polka Dot Flats


Polka dots are the latest trend this season and if you’ve stopped by my About page you know that I’m in love with them. I spotted some in a magazine about a week ago and knew it was love at first sight.


DSCN1028Materials:  basic black flats, white acrylic paint, sponge brush, reinforcement labels,and clear matte spray paint

DSCN1018 Start laying out your pattern using the labels. If you notice they have a hole in the middle. This is the area you will paint  to make the polka dot design.


Continue until the entire shoe is covered.


Pour a little paint into a plastic cup or bowl.


Dip brush into paint. You only need a small amount on your brush. Use a paper towel to  wipe off the excess before painting.


Fill in the middle of your circles with paint.  I found it helpful to paint with just the corners of the brush. Continue painting until all the circles are filled in. Repeat on the other shoe.


Let dry for 20min then pill off the labels.


If you made any mistakes, like I did, use a Q-tip and finger nail polish remover to clean up any paint splatter.


In a well ventilated area take your clear spray paint and give your shoes a good coat  on all sides. This will make sure your paint does not chip or scrape off. Let dry for 24hrs.

DSCN1049Enjoy your finished product!


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