DIY: Snapback Hat


Snapbacks are not just for the boys anymore.  Some of the most fashionable fashionistas have been spotted rocking this new trend. I found a plain snapback while grocery shopping in Walmart for dirt cheap. All there is to do now is give it my own personal touch.


Materials: hat, fabric/craft paint (choose any color), stencils,scissors, stencil adhesive, and sponge sponcers


First decide what word you would like to stencil on your hat.  Find the letters your going to use and start popping out the middle.


Next, cut your letters  into squares.


Spray the back of your first letter with the stencil adhesive.


Adhere the stencil to your hat. Press down all corners so it lays it lays flat.


Pour a small amount of paint on a paper towel. Put a little paint on your sponge and start stenciling .


Do one letter at a time then continue to the next letter until you are finished. Apply a second coat of paint to make your letters darker.


I staggered my letters and only did one coat of paint. Yours can be straight, diagonal or horizontal. Be as creative as you want!


Let your hat dry overnight. Finished!



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