DIY: Spike Earrings


I Wanted to add some pizazz to my more then less boring hoop earrings. I spotted some spike hoops while flipping through a magazine, which I can’t remember which one out of the hundreds that I own, but the price tag was not within reason for my wallet. The earrings  had spikes on the outside and inside of the earring. So this is me trying to re-create some similar for half the price and just as fashionable.  Check out the steps below!


Things you need

  • Hoop Earrings in silver or gold
  • E-6000 Use LOCTITE super glue
  • Spikes ( I used sew on spikes)


When purchasing your earrings you want to make sure it is flat around and wide enough to fit your spikes around it.  First, you want to apply a dab of glue to the back of your spike.  I have the E6000 glue pictured above, but during the process I switched to super glue.  It seemed to worked much better for this project.

DSCN1671Glue the spike to the earring make sure to leave space between each one.  I didn’t measure the distance I kinda just eyeballed it as I went along.


Continue to add spikes all the way around. You can alternate silver and gold or just stick to one color.


Once the outer portion is finished start adding some spikes to the inside of your earring. Remember to leave space between them and glue them all the way around. When your finished with the first earring grab the match and repeat all steps. Use the first earring as your guide so both pair will be identical.


Give the glue about an hour to dry before wearing.


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