DIY: Upgrade Your T-Shirt


Update  your white tee with some felt and spikes!  Check out the steps below!


Materials: T-shirt, felt, sew on spikes, needle and thread.


Take a tape measure and measure from the neckline to the armhole.  Take another measurement from the shoulder seam down to the point were you want your studded patch to stop.


Using your measurements cut two squares out of the felt.


Once the squares are cut arrange your studs in a pattern you like. A helpful tip before sewing them down  use just a little super glue to hold them in place.


Thread your needle and knot at the end then begin sewing. Make sure to thread needle through the bottom upward through the spike hole. Then down again. Continue this until all spikes are sewn down.


Lay your shirt flat. Take your finished felt piece and arrange on shoulder seam. If needed you can use some stick pins to hold it in place.


Take your threaded needle and begin to sew felt into place. Push needle through the inside of the shirt upwards. You don’t want your knot from the needle showing on the outside of  the shirt.


Come up and back down. Do a basic stitch all the way around the felt square. You should end where you began.


When you reach your ending point leave the needle on the inside of the shirt. Turn your sleeve inside out. Take your needle down and up make a loop then through the loop. Pull gently. This will make a knot to keep your stitching from unraveling.


One down one more to go. Repeat all steps and do the other side.


All done. I rocked my newly updated White Tee with camouflage skinnies, strappy heels and a layered necklace which is an earlier DIY you can check that out here.


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