MY DIY: Layered Necklace


Chunky layered chains and cross jewelry have been making its way back on the scene again. First seen on the runway’s in 2008 and now in every store and magazine you look at.  But does anyone remember Madonna in the 80’s/”Like a Prayer” era were the diva donned a cross around her neck.  Well, I guess Fashion does repeat itself!


Things You Need:

  • Large jump rings
  • Pliers
  • Cross charms in various sizes
  • Chunky 20 inch chain and Thinner 16 inch chain
  • Lobster clasp


Start with your chunkier chain. Fold in half to find the center. Grab your pliers, jump ring, and one of your charms.  Attach  to the center link in your chain.


Continue to attach your crosses around your chain. You can add as few or less as you want. I used different sizes and spaced them unevenly to give it an edgier look.


Once you have your first chain finished set it to the side and grab your thin chain. Fold in half just like you did the chunky one and find your center. Attach a charm to the center link with your jump ring.


Attach more charms around the chain. I chose to add only two small crosses and only to one side.


Lay both chains flat laying the smaller chain above your chunky chain. Make sure the chains are nice and flat  and the ends meet each other.


Take a jump ring and slide both chains onto it. Be sure to close it up nice and tight with the pliers. Do this to both sides.


The final step is to connect the lobster clasp. Slide another jump ring through the hole on the clasp then through either side of the chain. I attached mine to the left side since I am right-handed so I will have an easier time putting it on! If your left-handed attach to the right hand side.


Finished. I love the way mine turned out.


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