DIY: Mixed Chain Bracelet


Piling on stacks and stacks of bracelets is the current trend right now. The more the better. My little wrists were looking quite bare so I decided I needed some arm candy. Not one for the friendship bracelets…..yet!  But I’m in love with chain everything this season.  Check out the tutorial  below.


Things you Need:

  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Two end caps
  • 2  medium Jump rings
  • 1 large jump ring
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Super Glue
  • 5 lengths of chain:  Box chain, Small link chain in gold and silver, Gold large link chain, and Popcorn chain


Wrap a piece a chain around your wrist to see how much you will need. Then take your pliers and adjust all your chains to the correct length.


Once all chains have been cut to desired length. Add some glue to your end caps then attach them to both ends of your popcorn chain.


Take your jump ring slightly open it up with your pliers and start adding your chains.  Add your popcorn chain first followed by your two smaller chains then your large link chain and lastly your box chain.


Grab your pliers and close up the jump ring

DSCN1880Take your two smaller chains and weave them through your gold link chain.


Now add another jump ring to the other end. Put all your chains on first  adding your lobster clasp last.


Take your large jump ring and connect it to the smaller jump ring on the opposite side.


Finally finished. Throw on a watch + some more bracelets and swag out your wrist!



2 thoughts on “DIY: Mixed Chain Bracelet

  1. Creative bracelet of yours. I love the fashion of a few bracelets together on the wrist.
    You’re a Fashionista!

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