DIY: Wiggle Eyes Wallet?

Hey guys! This is a QUIRKY  DIY to try over the weekend. It all began when I found these wiggle eyes at the dollar store. I’ve had then lying around forever so I decided to glue them on my wallet?  LOL! Mr. Louboutin put them on a pair of sling backs in 2011. If he can put them on a pair of 4 inch pumps then I think I can get away with a wallet.  Does anyone else know what to do with wiggle eyes besides make dolls I would love to her your suggestions!


Things You Need:


Arrange your wiggle eyes on your wallet in a pattern you love.


Take off one wiggle eye at a time and apply your super glue to the back.


Glue it back into place. Continue until all your wiggle’s are glued down!


Done with one side open it up, lay it flat, and start the other side.


Finished. Have a Great Weekend!



3 thoughts on “DIY: Wiggle Eyes Wallet?

  1. Omygoodness, this is brilliant 🙂 My little girl and I will have so much fun google-eying something because of this fun post, pinning this fo sho!

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