DIY: Mod Shoe Clips and Bangles



The 1960’s vibe is live and present in 2013! .  It was Mod Madness at the 2013 Spring runway shows. Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton are just among  a few to give you a  flashback into the past and has me wanting to hop on the Mod band wagon. These Louis Vuitton black and white pointed pumps, which retail for $845 bucks, had DIY me written all over them. These shoe clips and bangles will have you feeling MOD in no time!


Things You Need:

  • Wood Rectangles
  • Super Glue
  • Black and white acrylic  gloss paint.
  • Sponge Brush
  • Painters tape
  • Some old bracelets that need a make over. Make sure they are wide enough to paint.
  • Ear clips


First we need to  draw a line down your wood rectangle marking your center. You can use a ruler or just eye-ball it like I did. Draw a line on your bracelets then draw a line on the opposite side lining up your marks.


Tear a piece of your painters tape and wrap it around your rectangle using your line as the guide. Wrap a piece of tape around your bracelet marks as well.


Pour some of your paint on a plastic plate.


Start with the white paint. Apply a little to your brush  and paint your rectangles on all sides. Do the same for your bracelets. Let dry and then coat a second time. Apply as many coats as needed.

DSCN2145When fully dry take off your painters tape.


Wrap a piece of tape around the painted area. This will help keep the black paint from bleeding onto your white side so there is a nice crisp line down the middle.


Wash your brush off then paint the other side black.


Repeat the same steps on your bracelets. When both your bracelets and shoe clips are completely dry apply a coat of mod podge or any other type of  acrylic sealant will do.

DSCN2160Add some glue to your  ear clips.  Attach them to the center of your rectangle. Let the glue to dry for about an hour.


All there is left to do is grab some black pointy heels and add your new shoe clips!

DSCN2218Don’t  Forget your Bangles!!!!!


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