DIY: Upgrade an Old Picture Frame


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well this DIY will make that picture look like a million bucks.  Run to your local dollar store and grab a cheap frame and some flat clear marbles.   When you leave the cash register your bank account will only be negative 2 dollars! This DIY is not only cheap but it can give an old picture frame a little face lift!


Things you need:

  • Old frame or cheap one from the $1 store
  • Flat clear marbles/ gems (the kind you usually see in fish tanks)
  • E-600 or Glue gun will work.


Add glue to the flat side of the marble.


Start at the top corner and apply your first marble.


Continue to glue your  marbles all the way down.


When you reach the bottom corner align the last marble along the edge then continue across.


Now go up the other side and keep adding marbles until the entire frame is covered. If you noticed not all the marbles are the same size. You can use the ones that are similar or play with it a little to achieve the look you like.


When you’ve completely finished let it sit for about 1 hour or more. Don’t try to handle it right away. I did and my marbles started to slide out-of-place. Give the glue time to do its job.


Finished! Grab a photo you love and frame it.



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