DIY: Carolina Bucci Inspired Twister Bracelet


A wrist full of colorful stacks is a must have for this summer.  While browsing for a bangle or two to add to my collection I came across this colorful lovely by Carolina Bucci.  It’s price tag read all of $250.00 dollars!!! And since I like to keep my food and shelter I though it best not to throw down two bills for it.  With some cord already in hand, from an earlier DIY, I came up with this knock off version for a tad bit less than the original.


Things You Need:

  • Super glue
  • Bracelet
  • 1 1/2 yard of decorative trim/Cord
  • Bead chain


First, take your bracelet and apply a small amount of glue.


Glue your chain down first, holding it in place for at least 15 seconds.


When your chain is in place add a little more glue to the left of it. Then Add your trim.


Begin wrapping the trim and chain around the bracelet.

DSCN2396The chain I purchased was not long enough so I had to combine two. If this happens  glue down the chain were it ends.


Grab your second chain match it up with your first chain, glue, then continue wrapping.


When you’ve reached the end cut the remaining trim and chain.

DSCN2407Take your glue and add some to the end of the trim to prevent unraveling.


Add glue to your bracelet and glue your trim in place. Do the same for your chain.


Your trim and chain should match up to your starting points. I unfortunately ran out of chain towards the end. But you want the chain and cord to wrap all the way around your bracelet.


Had to run to the store and buy more chain to finish. The final product!  This baby will be in full rotation this summer!

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