DIY: Chunky chain bracelet


I got sudden inspiration from one of my fashion blogs I like to read on the daily Walk in Wonderland. She was rocking this multi chain bracelet by Karen London that I just loved. I had to seriously give it some thought on whether to  give up my morning coffee runs and purchase it or just try to DIY? Well, I didn’t think anyone would appreciate my HULK like temper without my daily cup of Jo so I decided to keep my inner green guy hidden and seek the less expensive route.  Check out the tutorial below!


Things you Need:

  • Small jump rings
  • Multi-strand Clasp
  • Pliers
  • Chain (gold curb chain, silver curb chain, and small silver link chain.)

DSCN2670First, you need to measure the chain around your wrist.  Take that measurement and subtract about an inch for your metal clasp.


Second, use your pliers to take off the unwanted links. Do this to all your chains to get your desired length.


Next, start attaching your chains to your metal clasp using the jump rings.  They should go in this order small link chain, gold curb chain, silver curb chain, gold curb chain, then silver small link chain.


Once you have your chains connected to your first clasp lay your bracelet down flat straightening your chains.


Now start connecting the chains to the second clasp. Be sure to line them up in the same order.



Done!!!  I think it turned out great and I get to keep my coffee breaks.


17 thoughts on “DIY: Chunky chain bracelet

  1. First of all, your sense of humor really shows through–you’re hilarious! Secondly, you have an amazing sense of style. Thirdly, You’ve got a great perspective. I am very glad to now be following your work! Keep up the impeccable work! 😀

    • Thanks for stopping by Julie. The first place you want to check for chain is your local craft stores. Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann Crafts are my three main places for chain. Another trick that I like to use is using some old chain from necklaces that are broken or I just don’t wear anymore. Or just shop the clearance jewelry sections! I find a lot of cheap pieces that can be altered. I hope this helps!

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