DIY: Striped Flats


I bought this peplum top from Forever 21 recently and wanted some striped flats to match. But due to my impatience and inability to locate the flats in mind, my creative juices kicked in. Instead, I bought some white flats and I already had some black paint so all there was left to do next is paint some stripes on them. I took to the internet first to find some inspiration and get some ideas.  Check out what I came up with below!


Things You Need:

  • White flats
  • Black paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil and a sharpie
  • Paper plate
  • Tape Measure
  • Clear sealer spray paint


Draw your lines using your tape measure and pencil. Come up with a striped pattern you would like on your shoes.


Go back and outline the lines you made with your pencil with the black sharpie.


Pour some of your paint on your paper plate. When choosing your brush I suggest a small thin brush. It will work better when painting your stripes.


Start painting your stripes. Start at the front of your shoe and work your way back.

Once the top portion is done continue down the sides and back.  When you’ve finished with the first shoe place it to the side to dry and begin painting your other shoe.


If you have any mistakes, like you didn’t paint in-between your lines like me, grab a Q-tip and some alcohol to clean up the unwanted paint splatter. You only need a little bit of alcohol don’t over saturate your Q-tip!


When your shoes are completely dry, in a well ventilated area, spray them with the clear sealer. This will seal in your paint so it won’t chip or smear off.


You need to let them dry at least overnight before wearing.


Aren’t they lovely! This is the peplum top  I was talking about.  Yellow skinnies + black and white peplum + striped flats + my DIY sunglasses = perfection!


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