DIY: Coral & Chain Bangles


Don’t you hate it when your favorite bangles start to tarnish and loose their color? Me too! This is a great and easy way to add some pizzazz to your tarnishing bracelets or just some plain bracelets in need of a makeover.


Things You Need:


Start by adding glue to one of your bracelets then add your chain, do a little section at a time.  When you make it back to the starting point use your pliers to shorten your chain. You need to complete two bracelet like this.


Now we need to add coral cup chain to two of your bracelets.  Add a little glue around your bracelet then apply your cup chain.  Glue around the entire bracelet. Cut to fit, with scissors, when you reach the starting point.


On the last two bracelets you need to wrap them with your cord.  Cut a long piece of cord then glue the end down to your bracelet and begin wrapping. Wrap until you get to your starting point then cut and glue down your loose end. It should be done just like I did in this earlier tutorial.


Let them dry for a couple of hours!  Then start enjoying your new stacks! Try them out with a pair of coral skinnies.

DSCN2891Happy DIY’ing! Oh don’t for get to like me on Facebook!


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