DIY: Stars and Stripes T-shirt



Fourth of July is right around the corner and I have the perfect DIY to get you ready for this festive event!  Check out the tutorial below!


Things You Need:


First, lay your shirt flat and cut off the sleeves and neck-band.


Next, take your construction paper and draw and cut out your stars.  They don’t have to be perfect and make them in different sizes. I made six but you can make more if you like.


Spray the back of your stars with the stencil adhesive and lay them out on the upper corner left hand corner of your shirt.


Take your tape and start making your stripes. The tape will be the areas that are going to be white (or the color of your shirt if you chose a different color). When you get to the side where your stars are start your tape below your stars.


Before you begin to spray paint slide a piece of card board or paper bag between your shirt so the spray paint wont soak to the back side of your shirt.


In a well ventilated area spray your shirt..  Hold the can at least 6 inches away from the shirt and start spraying. Spray shirt in  back and forth, left to right motion. Count  once each time you go left then right. Count ten times then stop. Examine your shirt, If you want more color then spray some more.


Let it sit for 5 minutes then take off your tape and stars. Let shirt dry for about 3 to 5 hours.


That’s it! This would make for a cute swimsuit cover up or rock with a pair of cut off shorts! I chose a black spray paint but this would look great in another color too! Hmmmm…….maybe another shirt?

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