DIY: Chain Cuff


Well if you haven’t noticed I’m currently obsessed with chain everything.  I’ve already done three chain bracelets, you can check them out here and here. Oh and my chain choker!  I think I may need to see someone about my addiction but in the mean time check out how easy it was to may this chain cuff bracelet below!


Things You Need:


Take your chain and measure it around your cuff. The chain I’m using I purchased from a local craft store, Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately they do not sale is particular item online. Check out the link above for something similar if it’s not available at a craft store near you.


Use your pliers to shorten the chain to fit around your cuff.


Pour a little glue out on a napkin or paper plate. Dab a little on your brush and apply to just one side of your chain. Work quickly so the glue won’t set before placing the chain on your cuff.


Center the chain on your cuff and hold into place for 20 seconds. Apply additional glue if needed.


Set aside to dry. Let is sit overnight before handling.


This truly takes 10 minutes to complete. It’s such a simply DIY with amazing results. A DIY is always the best when its easy on the pocket-book, simple, and fashionable!



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