DIY: Update an outdated Tee!


I was cleaning out my closet this past weekend and came across this plain cropped shirt. It was in the give away pile, since I rarely wear it, until I spotted this Asos alphabet print top online. Out of the give away pile into the hmmm maybe pile it went. My next stop was the craft store to pick up supplies. I couldn’t find the letters that I needed or liked but I did come across these iron on numbers that I LOVED! Check out how it came together below!


Things You Need:


Step 1:  Lay your shirt flat.


Step 2:  Peal off the numbers. Be careful not to rip so go slowly.


Step 3:  Place numbers on your shirt.  Position them in different ways to give your shirt a more playful look.


Step 4: Arrange all numbers on your shirt with the adhesive side facing down.  The numbers I choice feel like velvet. This is the side that should be facing up.


Step 5: Read and follow the direction for the heat setting for your iron then iron all numbers into place.


Done! These iron on numbers are  such a simple way to turn an old or just plain boring  t-shirt into your favorite in only minutes.


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