DIY: Dramatic Beaded Necklace


A bold statement necklace has been on my DIY list for a while now. With no plan in mind I strolled around the craft store and just picked up random items that interest me. Came home and this is how it turned out!


Things You Need:


Cut a piece of your cord and string your beads.


Tie a knot on each end after stringing your beads.  Take your string and tie to the inner loop of your box clasp. Tie a couple of knots to make sure it stays secure.


The stringing method we are going to use on the bone beads is called a ladder stitch.You can check out a diagram here.  Cut about two yards of your cord. Match your ends up then slide the right end through  right side of your bead(starting with the black bead) and then slide the left end through the left side of your bead. Leave out  three-inch loop. Cut your loop with scissors and tie it in a double  knot.


Take your cord and tie it to your chain. Tie about three knots.


Next grab a white bead and string it the same way. String left side then take then string the right end of your cord through the right side. Continue  to rotate black and white beads in this criss cross pattern until you have used all your pieces.


When you reach the end secure it with a double knot then tie it to your chain.


Attach chain with a jump ring to box clasp.


Last step is to cut all your strings. If you have any super glue handy dab some on the ends of your cord and around your knots!


Isn’t she gorgeous!


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