DIY: Stars and Stripes Tennies










It’s Independence day here in the United States and before heading to the family BBQ I decided to spice up my plain canvas tennis to celebrate this festive event!


Things You Need:

  • Star stickers
  • Fabric markers (red and blue)
  • White canvas shoes


First we need to draw your design out on your shoe.  Take your left shoe and use your stickers to trace stars on just the front half.  Sketch 1 inch stripes on the back half.


Outline your stars in your blue marker then start coloring the background blue. When you get to your stripes you are going to alternate red stripe then white. When your finished put the left shoe to the side and grab the right.


On the right shoe the star and striped pattern will be reversed.  Your going to start with the stripes in the front half of your shoe and stars in the back. Split up the shoe the exact same way you did the other. Then start coloring in with your markers.


Let both shoes dry completely before handling.


Now you have the perfect pair of tennies to show off! The best thing about these shoes is there great to wear anytime!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!


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