DIY: Earr Cuff


Am I the only one that has been wanting to try an over the top ear cuff?  I have spotted them in just about every magazine and on some the most stylish celebrities.  I finally had an Ahh….. HaH moment while in JoAnns fabrics store, when I came across the perfect sparkly object to make my beautiful cuff.  Check out what I came up with below!


Things You Need:

  • E 6000 glue
  • Black finger nail polish
  • Gemstone cluster embellishment you can get here
  • Wire cutters
  • Ear clips


First, take your wire cutters to cut out the middle stone. I thought three big gems where just too much so I cut out the middle gem.


Once you have the middle gem removed grab your nail polish and paint the clear gems black. Give them about two coats. If you want to keep them clear then just skip this step.


Put a good amount of glue on your ear clips and attach the first one to the bottom gem with the clip facing to the left.  Glue the second clip to the top gem with the clasp facing inward too. Examine the  picture above and be sure to glue them the exact same way.


Done!  If all black doesn’t suit you pick a different color and nail polish can be easily removed with nail polish remover so you change the colors at any time!


What do you think about the ear cuff trend. Will you be adding a least one cuff to your jewelry box?


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