DIY: Patchwork denim


Well, if you have already thrown away your old, torn, worn out jeans run and fish them out of the trash. Boho patchwork is making a come back. This is a definite trend to try out this up coming season.  So, with your scissors in hand and sewing machines ready, lets sew some  patches on your jeans. No worries for those who don’ sew, they make iron on patches!!!!!  Check out the tutorial below!

DSCN3321Things You Need:

  • A pair of denim jeans
  • Iron on patches
  • Stick pins (not pictured)
  • Iron


Lay your patches out on your jeans in a pattern you like. 2 big square patches come in each package. Use some scissors to make squares in different sizes. Layer the squares one on top of each other to achieve the look you like.

* Use patches in different shades!



When you’ve gotten your patches in place take your pins and pin them in place.


Make sure to read the instructions for your patches. Set the iron to correct heat setting then adhere your patches in place.


To make your patches look like they have been sewn on grab a needle and thread and use a basic stitch and hand sew around each patch.

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