DIY: Cirle Skirt


Circle skirts are the latest of trends. They are both fun and flinty and can be worn for a day look and evening out with the girls.  This beauty , the skirt above, I scored at the thrift shop for a whopping $3 bucks!  I know right what a steal.  The thrift stores carry a large selection of these almost ankle length flared skirts that have great patterns but just in need of a cut and hem job. So lets begin!

Things You Need:

  • A thrifted flared skirt
  • Stick pens or chalk
  • Heat Bond
  • Iron


Start by finding a skirt with a great pattern and a flair.  As you see my skirt was way past my knees.  But I knew when I saw it what a pretty skirt it would make!


Next, while you have the skirt on mark were you want your new hem with some stick pens or chalk.


Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure down and inch from were you want your new hem and make a mark. This will give you room for your hem.


Lay your skirt  flat making sure waist band is matched up. Then use your second mark as a guide and cut your skirt across.


Turn your skirt inside out and fold your skirt up to your hem line and press down with an iron.


Unfold your hem and place your Heat and Bond inside. Line it up with the crease that was left from ironing.


Fold back up and set your iron to the instructed setting to bond your hem.  I did a little section at a time ironing the fusing into place and until I reached  the starting point.


The end results! A well hemmed circle skirt! And did I mention my skirt had these great pockets of the side.


$3 bucks well spent wouldn’t you say!




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