DIY: Chain Embellished Clutch


Hello everyone. These past few weeks have been so busy at work I’ve barely had time to post any new DIY’s for you guys but don’t worry this week I’m back!  To kick things off let’s spruce up a clutch with some chain! Check out the tutorial below


Things You Need:

  • Clutch
  • Chain
  • Pliers
  • Super Glue


Measure chain over the area it will be added too.


Use your pliers to shorten chain to the correct length.


Apply glue to your clutch only in the area the chain will lay.


Press chain into place working from left to right. Let dry overnight to make certain the glue is dry and the chain is secure.  I moved mine to early and my chain started to slip so give it time to dry.


All done!   A simple addition can spice up any clutch.


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