DIY: Varsity T-Shirt


So have you seen these sporty t-shirts lately?  I fell in love with the one Brandy, the R&B star, instagrmed of herself rocking a number 86 oversized tee/dress from Topshop!  The look is so sporty chic and can be easily worn casual with a pair of boyfriend jeans or dressed up with a blazer and pants.  Check out the tutorial below to learn how to add one to your closet.


Things You Need:


Start by sectioning off your stripes at the bottom of your shirt using your painters tape.  You can draw them out first with a pencil or just eye it like did hoping my stripes will turn out straight.  The stripes at the bottom are only going to be in the front. The back of your t-shirt will remain blank.


Do the same to your sleeves.  Make sure to go all around with the painters tape. I only painted one stripe  on the sleeves but you can mirror the bottom and paint two if you like. When painting your sleeves paint the front side first let dry then flip over and paint the back side.


Slide a paper bag or piece of cardboard in between your shirt so your paint won’t leak to the back of your shirt.


Pour some paint on a paper plate. Dab a little on your sponge and begin filling in your stripes.


After your finished painting your stripes at the bottom continue to your sleeves.  Don’t remove the painters until the paint is dry.


While your waiting for the paint to dry open up your package of numbers.  Choose one or two numbers you want to use.  Cut them out with scissors.


Since I am a child of the 80’s I chose number eighty to put on my shirt. When you have yours selected center them on your shirt.


Follow the instructions on the package to adhere them to your shirt.



All done! I paired my shirt with some black and white striped pants but it made me feel like a referee. What are you gonna wear your varsity shirt with?

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