DIY: Button Snapback Hat


I have had this DIY on my to do list ever since the last season of American Idol.  Yes, I still watch the show.  During the Hollywood try-outs Niki Minaj sported a hat that was embellished with buttons and spikes!  I’m usually not a huge fan of hats but I wanted/needed this HAT!!  I searched high and low to find out first where to buy it and second how much it costs. I found it on the a site called This hat goes for $40 bucks! Not a bad price tag but I prefer my $6 dollar DIY instead!  Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • Hat (I got a cheep one at Walmart for whopping 3 bucks!)
  • Buttons I go a big bag here
  • Needle
  • Thread in the same color as your hat


1. Thread your need and knot at the end.


2. Pull your need up through the inside of the hat.


3. Thread your button.


4. Push your needle back down then up again.


5. Keep sewing more buttons on. I found it easy to start at the bottom work my way up then across.


6. Half way done. You will have to thread your needle couple times during this process.  Just knot your thread in the inside of your hat and re-thread your needle and keep sewing on buttons.


You can add as many as I did or not as much.  I really didn’t have a design planned out I just added what I thought looked good as I went along.



Finished! Now I can cross this DIY off my to do list. Have a great weekend everyone and see ya next week!


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