DIY: Button Necklace!



Every time I go into hobby Lobby I always stop and look at the buttons. I don’t even need buttons for anything but I will walk all the way across the store just to stare at these buttons. It was like they were calling out to me  BUY ME!  Yesterday I popped in for some supplies for another project in the works and it just so happened the buttons where on sale for 50% off . A couple of seconds later, with a smile and a hand full of buttons,  I made my way to the check out lane. So If you got 5 minutes I have the best DIY you will be thanking me for later!


Things you need:

  • Plier cutters
  • Crystal/Rhinestone Buttons (I got all my buttons here and right now they are 50% off!)
  • Jump rings
  • Ribbon


DSCN3705 With your plier cutters snip off the loop setting on the back of your buttons. Be careful because the pieces will fly in all directions when cutting.  Wear some protective glasses or just put on a pair of shades lol to protect your eyes from the flying pieces. I know cause I almost lost an eye myself!


Arrange your buttons in an order that you like. Now make sure when you purchase your buttons they have open-work designs. This just means there are little openings within the button design.

DSCN3718Using jump rings and pliers to connect your buttons.


Cut two long strips of ribbon. Slide your ribbon through the last jump ring and match ends together. Then slide your second piece of ribbon through the jump ring on the opposite side.

DSCN3725Tie the ribbon in a bow around your neck to wear. This is a great necklace to have in your rotation and just to think nobody will ever know it took only five minutes to make!


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