DIY: Pearl and Chain Necklace


I’ve had this long pearl necklace in my overwhelming stash for years!  It’s hasn’t been part of my neck rotation for over a year now. Since pearls tend to make me feel a little grandma-ish, I was trying to decide whether to keep them or go ahead and give them away.  As you can see I  decided to dust them off and give them a stylish new makeover.  Check out the steps below! Oh! Before that check out yours truly being featured as Meet the Maker on !


Things you need:

  • Pearl necklace
  • An assortment of gold chains in different sizes
  • 2 Extra large jump rings
  • 2 large jump rings
  • 1 medium jump ring
  • Lobster clasp


First, If you have a super long pearl necklace, like mine, you need to  double it over.


Then cut your chains. You don’t want every chain the same length. Make some as long as your pearls and some shorter. I used three chains both 1 inch shorter than my pearls.  Make sure to pick chains in different sizes! Thin, large, chunky…..etc…


Start threading your chains onto a large jump ring. Do this to both ends.


Slide your pearls onto the extra large jump ring then slide on your chains. Close up jump ring with pliers. Repeat steps on the other side.


This is what is should like like with your pearls and chains hooked together. This is the bottom portion.  Now we need to create a piece that will connect it around your neck.

DSCN3871 Take a small link chain about 20 inches and connect lobster clasp with jump ring.


Connect the other end of the chain to your pearls and chains.


Add the last large jump ring to the other end of your necklace.


This is where you will attach your clasp when wearing your necklace.


This necklace can be worn two ways. This is the longer length.


This is the shorter length. You bring the chain around your neck then through jump ring then back around and attach clasp to your jump ring.



You can adjust the length to your liking!  Now, this baby will be in full neck rotation!



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