DIY: B&W Color Block Necklace


Black and white color combinations are hot right now.  You’ve probably seen it in just about every shopping mall you’ve been too lately.  I spotted this necklace, or one similar, while out shopping  on a lady out doing a little shopping herself.  Her necklace was Gorgeous!  I wanted to take out my credit card and ask how much but I didn’t think that would go so well. Instead I  casually eyed her down until I had all the details figured out. I think she may have noticed me starring, because shortly after she made her way across the store! Unfortunate but it had to be done.  Check out the steps below:


Things you need:

  • 4mm round gold beads
  • 18mm glass beads in black and clear (11 of each)
  • Crimp tubes
  • 2 jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Pliers
  • Beading String ( I used clear monofilament)
  • Small link chainDSCN3932

1. Cut a long piece of  string and start threading your beads. Begin with a clear bead then a gold bead.


3. Continue stringing your beads until you’ve used all your clear beads.


4. When you have all your clear beads strung they should be in this pattern: clear bead, gold bead, clear, gold, etc…


5. Start adding your black beads. Make sure there is a gold bead in between every black and clear bead.


6. You should have 11 clear beads and 11 black beads strung. Now its time to add our crimp tubes.


7. Slide your string through your crimp tube then back down to create a loop. Then press your crimp tube flat with your pliers.


8. Pull your string through your first bead then cut the remaining string.



9.  Using the loop you created with your crimp tube attach your clasp and chain to either end.



Finished!  A beautiful piece of jewelry to add to my growing collection!  Might need to do a DIY on jewelry storage because I’m running out of space! Happy Crafting!




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