DIY: Pearl and Spike Earrings

DSCN5069Happy Friday Guys! Weekend is finally here and am I glad to see it. The weather here is off again on again. One day its warm then the next day freezing!! This type of weather if very rare, especially this time of year, in Texas. I’m usually basking in sunlight packing up my boots and getting out my sandals! Well cheers to the weekend and this super quick DIY to add some pizzazz to a pair of pearl earrings!


Things you need:
◾Pearl earrings
◾Push-on backs
◾2 spikes
◾2 Meduim jump rings

Step 1. Open up your jump ring with your pliers
Step 2. Take your earring back and slide your jump ring through both loops.  Don’t they remind you of Mickey Mouse Ears!
Step 3. Slide on your spike. Close jump ring with your pliers.
DSCN5054Step 4. Repeat steps on 2nd earring back

pearl earring


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