DIY: Egyptian Necklace


Today’s DIY is based on a necklace by Margot & Me .  She, the necklace, was spotted the other day while browsing on Botica. The ethnic vibe of the necklace is what initial caught my attention. It looked Egyptian, as if Cleopatra once wore is herself. Now,  I may not be royalty  and have people bow in my presence but I sure feel like a goddess when wearing my new DIY. Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • 8mm beads( you will need twenty to be exact)
  • 12mm  beads (you will need 10)
  • Large gold flat chain
  • Large jump ring
  • 1 Extra large jump ring
  • Lobster clasp
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Eye pins (1 inch and 3 inch)
  • Leather cord or ribbon
  • Black string


Take your 3 of your 1 inch eye pins and slide your 12mm beads onto each one.


Trim  the eye pens down with scissors or plier cutters.  You only need to cut a little piece off at the top.


Make a loop at the top using your pliers.


You need to have three single beads like this.


With your 2 inch eye pins slide on two 12mm  beads. Use the same steps you used for your single beads to create a loop at the top. You need three of these. I will call these double beads.


Now take your chain and  attach your extra-large jump ring to one loose end and your lobster clasp to the other end.


From the end, count down 8 chain links and knot your string.

DSCN4551Slide on one  bead

DSCN4552Take your string under and over the next chain link


Pull your string up and out then add another bead. Continue wrappng until you have used all your beads.


When your reach the last bead tie and knot.

DSCN4566Count four beads down from the end and attach a single bead using a jump ring to your chain. Then count two bead and attach a double bead.  Count two more beads and add a single two more and add a double etc…


Starting at either end weave your leather cord or ribbon through the entire length of the chain.


When you read the last link cut cord leaving a inch. Wrap reaming cord around link and glue or sew down.




DIY: Eye Chart Inspired T-shirt


My current obsession is graphic t-shirts. You can dress them up or dress them down it is an essential piece in my wardrobe right now!  Recently I came across these eye chart t-shirts, you know the kind you have to squint and look at the eye doctor.  But the only difference is that they have a hidden message in them and are not just for telling how blind you are. See what my eye chart reads below!


Things you need:

  • White t-shirt
  • Iron on letters
  • Iron


Lay your shirt out flat. Then brain storm on what exactly you want to put on your shirt!


I chose BEAUTIFUL IN MY OWN SKIN.  You can use mine or come up with one on your own click here for some more examples.


When you’ve come up with your text cut out the letters that will be used.


Arrange you letters on your shirt. Start with the first letter of your saying followed by two more letters then three, four etc….. Read and follow the instructions for your letters.  Now a regular eye chart the letters get smaller as you go down but I didn’t want to buy 4 packs of letters so I just stuck to one package. As you see all my letters will be the same size but you can buy smaller letters to get that true eye chart effect. You will need three sizes. Large , medium and small.

DSCN4511 “There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”   Steve Maraboli

DIY: Varsity Sweater


It’s refashion Monday!  Me and Mo are back with another great DIY for ya! Today we are going to tackle the varsity sweater. You can check out how Mo’s DIY turned out here whoisthatgirlmo.blogspot and check out mine below!


Things you need:

  • Cardigan
  • Iron on Letter
  • Iron on Patches


Lay your cardigan flat and position your letter in spot you like.


Read and follow the instruction to adhere your initial to your cardigan.


Lay your sleeve out flat with back side facing up. Mark with a stick pen your elbow position.  Try your sweater on first to find the spot your elbow


Make a pattern , out of some scrap paper, for your elbow patch before cutting your iron on patches. You can make an oval like mine or another shape like hearts. Place on your sleeve to be sure it fits.


Cut two patches using your pattern. Then use your iron to press into place on both arms of your cardigan.


Tadah!  Look how great the elbow patches turned out!


This is a great way to add a personal touch to a plain cardigan or sweater and its No sew!   Happy crafting!   And don’t forget to check out Mo’s DIY!


DIY: Creepy Crawly Cuff Bracelet!


One more day until Halloween! Do you have your costumes ready?  There will be no costume to for me since I’m not much for dressing up. Instead I’m choosing to be well accessorized. How you ask? With this super quick spider cuff!  Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • Silver cuff
  • Fake spider
  • Krylon metallic spray paint
  • e-6000 glue


1. Spray you spider gold. Give it about two coats.   Let it dry for about 30 minutes.


2. When it’s fully dry flip it over and add a good amount of glue to the bottom. As you see you only need to paint the top of your spider you can leave the bottom un painted.


4. Center your spider on your cuff. Hold in place for 10 seconds.


Done! See ya tomorrow!

DIY: Charm Bracelet


Well after a long and very deserved stay-cation in Austin I’m back in action bringing you some great new DIY’s! Let’s get back to making with this quick and easy charm bracelet. Check out the steps below!


Things you need:

  • Charms
  • Jump rings
  • Chain (to fit wrist)
  • Lobster clasp
  • Pliers


Lay your chain flat and arrange your charms in order before you attach them to your chain. I actually used charms that belonged to existing necklaces that had tarnished or broken.


Leave your charms laying in order. Working left to right pick up your chain and begin to attach your charms using your jumps rings.


When all your charms are attached add your lobster clasp to either end.


All done. The best thing about charm bracelets is that there ever-changing. You can always add more charms you find at random or to symbolize special moments in your life. Happy Crafting everyone!

DIY: Turn your earrings into a Statement Necklace


Isn’t it frustrating when you have the perfect project in mind but can’t find the needed supplies? It happens to me all the time. Hobby Lobby, where I get most of my craft supplies, offers a large selection of all sorts of crafting stuff but limited amounts of each. I may need a certain chain or rhinestone or charm but if I’m not ordering from online from somewhere unknown then better luck next time! Today I want to show you how you can turn cheap store bought accessories into the supplies you need. First, always shop the clearance section. You don’t want so spend a lot of money on an item you are going to cut or tare apart. Look for items that can be easily taken apart and that are not welded together. If you look at most your earrings or necklaces, the pieces are usually connected together by jumps rings. This is the second thing you want to check for. Look for items that have loops or openings that can fit a jump ring.  In this DIY I will show you how to take a inexpensive pair of earrings and turn it into to a statement necklace. Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • 2 sets of cheap earrings
  • Jump rings in all sizes
  • Chain
  • Pliers
  • Plier cutters


If you have earrings that have a post, like mine, cut off the stem with plier cutters on all your earrings.


Then with your pliers take apart all your earrings. These earring where just attached with a jump ring so I all I had to do was open up the jump ring and unattach the bottom half.


When you have all pieces apart arrange in a pattern you like. You can connect each piece to a chain or connect them all together, there are so many possibilities! First, I connected mine to the chain that was pictured in the things you need  list, but I really didn’t like the chain so I changed the chain and came up with this design. I suggest you play around a bit with your pieces until you settle on a layout. Then connect your pieces together with jump rings. I used several different sizes to get all the parts together.


Done! My statement earrings are now a beautiful statement necklace. The earrings I purchased happened to be on sale. I paid $4 bucks total for both pairs. So when you can’t find the supplies your looking for search the  jewelry clearance section!

DIY: Embellished Sweatshirt


Happy Monday!  Today marks the second Refashion Monday with yours truly and Mo from who is  that girl Mo?. Today we are going to refashion a sweatshirt two ways.  The sweatshirt is back better than ever. Your days of lounging around in that oversized plain sweatshirt are over. Now you can be cozy while still looking stylish.  But before you run out and buy you one let me show you how to DIY one of your own. I blinged mine out with gems while Mo studded and added zippers to hers. Check out how Mo put hers together here  and check out my tutorial below:


Things you need

  • Sweat shirt
  • Sew on gems
  • Needle and thread


Lay out your gems in a design you like.


Thread your needle then start sewing your gems in place. I glued mine into place, with fabric glue, then went back and sewed them down.



Ta dah!  It took me about 45min to get all the gems sewn but the end results are worth it.  We had 90 degree weather when I took this picture, since its still very hot in Texas, but I can’t wait to sport it soon as the weather turns chilly.

DIY: Orange Gem Necklace


Orange is just one of the many colors that I’m crushing over for the fall. This statement color can give any outfit an instant pick-me-up. Since orange is such a bold color, not to be worn head to toe, moderation is the key! A splash here and there and not everywhere! My splash will go around my neck of course. I stumbled upon these orange gems at Hobby Lobby, pondered for about a week or two and finally came up with this fabulous DIY. Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • Pliers
  • Plier Cutters
  • Clasp
  • Chain extender
  • Chain
  • Medium jump rings
  • Small jump rings
  • 16 rhinestones in settings with double loops ( I got mine from a local craft supply store. Try a craft store close to you and if you can’t find them try here. You can select your settings and whatever color gems you would like)

orangeneck1Using your small jump rings connect three gems together in this pattern. 2 at the top and one at the bottom( I will call these clusters). You need three clusters.


Once you have three of these finished use your cutters to snip off the remaining un-needed loops.


Now you need to clip the loops off the remaining gems(these will be called singles). Only clip the loops at the bottom. You should have 8 singles.  Examine the pictures closely, be sure to clip the correct loops.


Fold your chain in half and find your center link this will be your starting point. Connect your cluster first followed by a single, then another cluster, single, single, single. Complete one side then continue to the other. When attaching gems to your chain you will have 2 jump rings to each link.

orangeneck7Connect your clasp and chain extender to the loose ends of your chain. **Hint If you are right-handed, with your necklace laying flat,  connect your clasp to the left hand side and your chain extender to the right.  When you are ready to put your necklace on you will be able to open your clasp with your right hand. If you are left-handed the clasp will go to the right and chain extender to the left.


Done!  What colors/trends are you excited about for fall?
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DIY: Distressed Denim Skirt



This wonderful DIY is all thanks to rihanna and her killa style. I spotted a pic of her rocking this distressed denim skirt, denim shirt, heels, and a baseball hat. The whole outfit was hot so,I saved the pic and hunted down this high waisted denim skirt at the thrift store. After I chopped and screwed it I love how it turned out. Take a look how to shred your skirt below!


  • Denim skirt
  • Box cutter
  • High grit sand paper
  • Seam Ripper


Mark with a pencil where you want your rips to go. Remember less is more. Don’t go too crazy!


Slide a piece of cardboard between your skirt before cutting. Slit you skirt where you made your marks with your box cutter. Take your seam ripper and start pulling out the white horizontal lines.


With your sandpaper rub over your belt loops, waistband, bottom hem and pockets. It will slowly rub away the denim giving it a worn look.


Throw it in the washer and dryer to fray all your cuts. Viola! A super Fab denim skirt.

DIY: Statement Earrings


Statement earrings are definitely making their way back onto the fashion scene. Whether your going for glitz and glam or chic casual look they are a must-have for the fall. If you know anything about me, by reading my blog, I looove me a good statement piece of jewelry and not too long ago I showed you how to  DIY a stunning necklace with buttons. Now I’m going to show you using the same buttons how to make some stunner’s to deck out your ear lobs! Check out the steps below.


  • Buttons with open-work designs and contrasting colors. One needs to be smaller than the other ( you can get them here)
  • Earring posts and earring backs
  • Jump rings
  • e6000 glue
  • Plier Cutters
  • Pliers


1.   When you choose your buttons find two in contrasting colors and one needs to be smaller than the other. Start by using your cutters nip off the button loops on all your buttons.


2. Take your smallest button and slide your jump ring through one of the openings.


3. Add your larger button then close up jump ring with pliers.


4. Add a good amount of glue to your earring post.


5. Center on small button while  applying  a little pressure. Hold for a couple of seconds.  Place earrings face down and allow to dry for 24 hours.


Voila! After 24 hrs you will have a fabulous pair of statement earrings.


Happy Monday Guys!
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