DIY: Heart Bouquet


Valentines day is here and love is all around us! So lets whip up one of these edible heart bouquets, to give to your loved one. Check out the tutorial below:

Things you need:

  • Rice crispy cereal
  • Bag of marshmallows
  • Paper straws
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Jar or vase
  • Valentines stickers in assorted shapes
  • Candy
  • Wooden skewer
  • Construction paper in white, red, or pink
  • Heart cooker cutter (small and large


To get started follow the original recipe for making rice crispy treats, you can find it here. When the directions call for you to pour you contents into a pan let cool for about 5 minutes and start cutting your heart shapes with your cookie cutters. Set to aside on a plate. Don’t stack because they will stick together.

Take some of your lollipop sticks and cut them in half. We are going to use these to make arrows to stick through our heart rice crispy’s. Start by taking a sticker and sticking it to both ends of the cut sticks. I used a bigger heart for the top and a smaller heart for the bottom.
Now it’s time to assemble them all together. Use your paper straws and slide it through the bottom of your heart. Take you heart arrows and place one through the top side of the heart and the other diagonal from the first to give the effect of an arrow going through each heart. Put these to the side once you have them all assembled and let them cool completely. If you start moving them before they are set the sticks will start coming out!
While your hearts are cooling get your construction paper and sketch out the word LOVE. Cut out with scissors and use either double stick tape or a small amount of super glue to attach them to the wooden dowels.
Put some candy in the bottom of your vase and start arranging your bouquet. You can add as many hearts as you want.
I had some stickers left over and stuck them to my vase. I also wrote love all around with a black sharpie.

Now go and deliver your love bouquet! Happy Love Day Everyone!

 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. — Corinthians 13:7-8 –

DIY: Graphic Sweater


It finally feels like winter in Texas! The weather has dropped so I have officially packed up all my summer clothing and un packed my sweaters. We usually have very mild winters so I don’t find myself buying sweaters often. The sweaters I own have been around for many years with very little use. I’ve been seeing these graphic sweaters and really wanted one but didn’t want to spend the money buying one. Here it may be cold one day and in the 70’s the next day. It makes it very confusing on what to buy so if I never pay full price for sweaters or just make the best out of my old ones. Or DIY one! So I thrifted a sweater for $2 bucks and bought some felt for $1 and crafted me a cow print sweater for $3 bucks! Check out the tutorial below:


Things you need:

  • Plain sweater
  • Fabric glue
  • 2 sheets of cow poke felt, you can buy here.
  • Scissors

DSCN4740First, cut all the shapes out of the felt. I used two sheets of felt but I only covered the front of my sweater. Use more if you want to add to the back and sleeves. This particular felt I found at Hobby Lobby, so if you have one in your town try there first. If not and you can’t find it at your local craft store try googling cow print and print it out. Then use that to trace out your shapes on plain black felt.


Next, place all your cut out pieces on your sweater in a design you like.


Add glue to the back of each piece and glue into place.


Press each piece down for a couple of seconds. When your finished gluing go back and double-check each piece to see if additional glue will be needed. Let dry for 24hrs.


DSCN4704Not bad for $3 dollars. It was actually pretty cold when I took this picture. It was drizzling and very cold. I was shivering in between shots. Thanks Blanc for getting a good shot!

DIY: Creepy Crawly Cuff Bracelet!


One more day until Halloween! Do you have your costumes ready?  There will be no costume to for me since I’m not much for dressing up. Instead I’m choosing to be well accessorized. How you ask? With this super quick spider cuff!  Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • Silver cuff
  • Fake spider
  • Krylon metallic spray paint
  • e-6000 glue


1. Spray you spider gold. Give it about two coats.   Let it dry for about 30 minutes.


2. When it’s fully dry flip it over and add a good amount of glue to the bottom. As you see you only need to paint the top of your spider you can leave the bottom un painted.


4. Center your spider on your cuff. Hold in place for 10 seconds.


Done! See ya tomorrow!

DIY: Charm Bracelet


Well after a long and very deserved stay-cation in Austin I’m back in action bringing you some great new DIY’s! Let’s get back to making with this quick and easy charm bracelet. Check out the steps below!


Things you need:

  • Charms
  • Jump rings
  • Chain (to fit wrist)
  • Lobster clasp
  • Pliers


Lay your chain flat and arrange your charms in order before you attach them to your chain. I actually used charms that belonged to existing necklaces that had tarnished or broken.


Leave your charms laying in order. Working left to right pick up your chain and begin to attach your charms using your jumps rings.


When all your charms are attached add your lobster clasp to either end.


All done. The best thing about charm bracelets is that there ever-changing. You can always add more charms you find at random or to symbolize special moments in your life. Happy Crafting everyone!

DIY: Distressed Denim Skirt



This wonderful DIY is all thanks to rihanna and her killa style. I spotted a pic of her rocking this distressed denim skirt, denim shirt, heels, and a baseball hat. The whole outfit was hot so,I saved the pic and hunted down this high waisted denim skirt at the thrift store. After I chopped and screwed it I love how it turned out. Take a look how to shred your skirt below!


  • Denim skirt
  • Box cutter
  • High grit sand paper
  • Seam Ripper


Mark with a pencil where you want your rips to go. Remember less is more. Don’t go too crazy!


Slide a piece of cardboard between your skirt before cutting. Slit you skirt where you made your marks with your box cutter. Take your seam ripper and start pulling out the white horizontal lines.


With your sandpaper rub over your belt loops, waistband, bottom hem and pockets. It will slowly rub away the denim giving it a worn look.


Throw it in the washer and dryer to fray all your cuts. Viola! A super Fab denim skirt.

DIY: Chain Ankle Straps



The Normaluisa 2012 summer/spring collection is where I first spotted these chain straps. Models strutted down the runway with platform shoes and chunky chain anklets. A clever trick to give an illusion of a chain strap. This genius idea gives you chance to pair the anklets with multiple shoes! This DIY may be a year late but late is better than never! Right?
Check out the tutorial below!

Things you need:

  • Heels
  • 1/2 yard of  large curb chain
  • 4 jump rings
  • Pliers
  • 2 lobster clasp


1. Measure your ankles and cut chain to fit.


2. Use your pliers, connect your lobster clasp to the end of your chain and attach a  jump ring to the opposite end. Repeat steps on the second chain.


3. Your clasp should fasten to your jump ring at the opposite end.


That’s it! Three easy steps!  Just one thing left to do! Grab your pumps and rock your chain straps!!

DIY: B&W Color Block Necklace


Black and white color combinations are hot right now.  You’ve probably seen it in just about every shopping mall you’ve been too lately.  I spotted this necklace, or one similar, while out shopping  on a lady out doing a little shopping herself.  Her necklace was Gorgeous!  I wanted to take out my credit card and ask how much but I didn’t think that would go so well. Instead I  casually eyed her down until I had all the details figured out. I think she may have noticed me starring, because shortly after she made her way across the store! Unfortunate but it had to be done.  Check out the steps below:


Things you need:

  • 4mm round gold beads
  • 18mm glass beads in black and clear (11 of each)
  • Crimp tubes
  • 2 jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Pliers
  • Beading String ( I used clear monofilament)
  • Small link chainDSCN3932

1. Cut a long piece of  string and start threading your beads. Begin with a clear bead then a gold bead.


3. Continue stringing your beads until you’ve used all your clear beads.


4. When you have all your clear beads strung they should be in this pattern: clear bead, gold bead, clear, gold, etc…


5. Start adding your black beads. Make sure there is a gold bead in between every black and clear bead.


6. You should have 11 clear beads and 11 black beads strung. Now its time to add our crimp tubes.


7. Slide your string through your crimp tube then back down to create a loop. Then press your crimp tube flat with your pliers.


8. Pull your string through your first bead then cut the remaining string.



9.  Using the loop you created with your crimp tube attach your clasp and chain to either end.



Finished!  A beautiful piece of jewelry to add to my growing collection!  Might need to do a DIY on jewelry storage because I’m running out of space! Happy Crafting!



DIY: Pearl and Chain Necklace


I’ve had this long pearl necklace in my overwhelming stash for years!  It’s hasn’t been part of my neck rotation for over a year now. Since pearls tend to make me feel a little grandma-ish, I was trying to decide whether to keep them or go ahead and give them away.  As you can see I  decided to dust them off and give them a stylish new makeover.  Check out the steps below! Oh! Before that check out yours truly being featured as Meet the Maker on !


Things you need:

  • Pearl necklace
  • An assortment of gold chains in different sizes
  • 2 Extra large jump rings
  • 2 large jump rings
  • 1 medium jump ring
  • Lobster clasp


First, If you have a super long pearl necklace, like mine, you need to  double it over.


Then cut your chains. You don’t want every chain the same length. Make some as long as your pearls and some shorter. I used three chains both 1 inch shorter than my pearls.  Make sure to pick chains in different sizes! Thin, large, chunky…..etc…


Start threading your chains onto a large jump ring. Do this to both ends.


Slide your pearls onto the extra large jump ring then slide on your chains. Close up jump ring with pliers. Repeat steps on the other side.


This is what is should like like with your pearls and chains hooked together. This is the bottom portion.  Now we need to create a piece that will connect it around your neck.

DSCN3871 Take a small link chain about 20 inches and connect lobster clasp with jump ring.


Connect the other end of the chain to your pearls and chains.


Add the last large jump ring to the other end of your necklace.


This is where you will attach your clasp when wearing your necklace.


This necklace can be worn two ways. This is the longer length.


This is the shorter length. You bring the chain around your neck then through jump ring then back around and attach clasp to your jump ring.



You can adjust the length to your liking!  Now, this baby will be in full neck rotation!


DIY: Button Necklace!



Every time I go into hobby Lobby I always stop and look at the buttons. I don’t even need buttons for anything but I will walk all the way across the store just to stare at these buttons. It was like they were calling out to me  BUY ME!  Yesterday I popped in for some supplies for another project in the works and it just so happened the buttons where on sale for 50% off . A couple of seconds later, with a smile and a hand full of buttons,  I made my way to the check out lane. So If you got 5 minutes I have the best DIY you will be thanking me for later!


Things you need:

  • Plier cutters
  • Crystal/Rhinestone Buttons (I got all my buttons here and right now they are 50% off!)
  • Jump rings
  • Ribbon


DSCN3705 With your plier cutters snip off the loop setting on the back of your buttons. Be careful because the pieces will fly in all directions when cutting.  Wear some protective glasses or just put on a pair of shades lol to protect your eyes from the flying pieces. I know cause I almost lost an eye myself!


Arrange your buttons in an order that you like. Now make sure when you purchase your buttons they have open-work designs. This just means there are little openings within the button design.

DSCN3718Using jump rings and pliers to connect your buttons.


Cut two long strips of ribbon. Slide your ribbon through the last jump ring and match ends together. Then slide your second piece of ribbon through the jump ring on the opposite side.

DSCN3725Tie the ribbon in a bow around your neck to wear. This is a great necklace to have in your rotation and just to think nobody will ever know it took only five minutes to make!


DIY: Denim Refashioned 2 Ways!


Todays DIY is a collaboration with fellow blogger Mo of whos that girl mo?  One, Monday out of the month we will be showing you two ways to refashion an article of clothing.  This Monday we are going to show you how to spruce up an old pair of denim to get you fall ready!  My DIY is based on the latest trend two-tone denim. This fall you will be seeing a lot denim  with different colors or patterns on the front and back.  Mo will show you how to revamp your jeans with an acid wash you can check out our her full tutorial here and see how mine came together below!


  • White jeans
  • Black fabric paint
  • Painters tape
  • Paint brush


I suggest you sketch out a design on a piece of paper first then use a fabric pencil to draw it out on your denim. I chose to skip the sketch part and make it up as I went along with my painters tape…… BUT…I found it harder doing it this way to make both sides mirror each other. So sketch it First!!  And Remember your design should only be on the front the back will remain all white.


When planning your design choose the areas you want painted black and which ones will remain white. Make sure to slide a piece of cardboard or paper bag in between your pants before you painting.


Pour some paint on a paper plate and begin to paint the areas that should be black.


Fill in all your areas. Let your paint completely dry before removing your painters tape. Then continue to the other pants leg.  Let dry over night.  I recommend heat setting your fabric paint before wearing. This requires you to iron over your painted design. Place a piece cloth on top before doing so, set your iron on a medium setting with no stem.  Run the iron across the painted sections of fabric for a few minutes, constantly moving around to prevent scorching the fabric.


When the paint has dried and the painters tape is off you will end up with a stylish pair of denim!




Don’t forget to accessorize with your DIY clutch and  DIY cuff!


This our first official post for refashion Mondays! Tell me what you think and don’t forget to go check out Mo’s DIY at!

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