DIY: Studded Army Jacket


Hey guys! Long time no see! Work is crazy as usually but I was able to  put together this quick DIY for you guys to check out. I thrifted this army jacket about a month ago and have been wanting to jazz it up a bit. Since the punk rock look so in right now I decided to stud it and give it a chic/punk upgrade! Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • Army jacket
  • Pliers
  • Pyramid studs
  • Cone studs


Lets begin by add some studs to your collar. Starting at the corner of your collar take a cone stud and push the prongs through the fabric. The prongs should poke out of the back side of the fabric.


Holding the stud tightly against the fabric bend the prongs inward with your pliers to secure the stud.


DSCN4587Now add two more to form a triangle. Do this to both sides of your collar.


Above your army patch add a row of your pyramid studs.


Now on either side add a row of pyramid studs starting at the collar neckline all the way down to the arm seam.  Keep adding lines of studs but decreasing by one creating a big to small effect.

DSCN4619Done! I like the finished effect but I don’t know if I should add studs to both sides don’t want to over do it…but what do you think?