DIY: Flower Bib Necklace


I’m usually not a huge fan of floral anything but since its kind of a hot trend now-a-days I’ve decided to try it out. My first floral purchase was a pair of denim skinnies. After the initial shock of rocking a pair of floral pants, and loving it, was gone I found myself thinking about floral purchase #2.   Then came along this Bloom Bib necklace spotted on Baublebar last week plus  a trip to Hobby Lobby equals my second floral purchase or rather DIY.  Check out the tutorial below!


Things You Need :

  • Pliers
  • Beading wire
  • Lobster clasp
  • 3 medium jump rings and 1 large jump ring
  • Crimp tubes with loop
  • Gold chain
  • Flower beads


Cut a long piece of wire and start stringing your beads. If you are using flower beads like mine, which you can get here, you will notice that the center of the flower is a separate bead.  Like a bead inside of a bead.


Continue to string your beads until all beads are used.


When you reach the end slide you crimp tub on your wire and press it closed with your pliers. Then cut the remaining wire off.  Add a crimp tube to the other side as well.


Use a medium jump ring and attach your chain to your crimp tubes on both sides.


Add your large jump ring to one side and the take your last medium jump ring and attach the lobster clasp to the opposite side.


Done!  My second floral piece to add to my growing collection!