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Hello everyone!  Hope everyone is well. Let’s see where should I begin…..over the last couple of weeks I have been working hard on opening my newly founded etsy shop, Qute Connections! Pronounced like get it. To start I have designed and handmade 7 gorgeous statement necklaces available for purchase. Click Shop at the top of the page to be whisked away to my site. Or you can just click the link here  Qute Connections. I’m starting off small but will slowly grow my inventory. So pop on over and check out my shop! Tell me your thoughts, I would love to hear them!

DIY: Crystal Collar Necklace


Valentines day is right around the corner and I needed well..wanted a sparkly necklace to wear with my V-day outfit. I stumbled upon these slider beads while bead shopping and thought, hey this would make for a great necklace. The rest is kinda history. Check out the steps below:


Things you need:

    • Slider beads  I used these but they have more here
    • Large/Medium jump ring
    • 2 lengths of chain
    • Lobster clasp


When you flip over your bead you will notice there are small holes at each corner. We will use these to connect the necklace together.

Using your pliers, slide a jump ring through one of the holes on your bead and close. Slide another jump ring through your second bead then connect to jump ring from your first piece.

Continue to connect all your pieces together.
DSCN4837Attach your chain to each end.


Attach your clasp and a jump ring to the ends of your chain.

Viola! Happy Crafting!

DIY: Egyptian Necklace


Today’s DIY is based on a necklace by Margot & Me .  She, the necklace, was spotted the other day while browsing on Botica. The ethnic vibe of the necklace is what initial caught my attention. It looked Egyptian, as if Cleopatra once wore is herself. Now,  I may not be royalty  and have people bow in my presence but I sure feel like a goddess when wearing my new DIY. Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • 8mm beads( you will need twenty to be exact)
  • 12mm  beads (you will need 10)
  • Large gold flat chain
  • Large jump ring
  • 1 Extra large jump ring
  • Lobster clasp
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Eye pins (1 inch and 3 inch)
  • Leather cord or ribbon
  • Black string


Take your 3 of your 1 inch eye pins and slide your 12mm beads onto each one.


Trim  the eye pens down with scissors or plier cutters.  You only need to cut a little piece off at the top.


Make a loop at the top using your pliers.


You need to have three single beads like this.


With your 2 inch eye pins slide on two 12mm  beads. Use the same steps you used for your single beads to create a loop at the top. You need three of these. I will call these double beads.


Now take your chain and  attach your extra-large jump ring to one loose end and your lobster clasp to the other end.


From the end, count down 8 chain links and knot your string.

DSCN4551Slide on one  bead

DSCN4552Take your string under and over the next chain link


Pull your string up and out then add another bead. Continue wrappng until you have used all your beads.


When your reach the last bead tie and knot.

DSCN4566Count four beads down from the end and attach a single bead using a jump ring to your chain. Then count two bead and attach a double bead.  Count two more beads and add a single two more and add a double etc…


Starting at either end weave your leather cord or ribbon through the entire length of the chain.


When you read the last link cut cord leaving a inch. Wrap reaming cord around link and glue or sew down.




DIY: Varsity Sweater


It’s refashion Monday!  Me and Mo are back with another great DIY for ya! Today we are going to tackle the varsity sweater. You can check out how Mo’s DIY turned out here whoisthatgirlmo.blogspot and check out mine below!


Things you need:

  • Cardigan
  • Iron on Letter
  • Iron on Patches


Lay your cardigan flat and position your letter in spot you like.


Read and follow the instruction to adhere your initial to your cardigan.


Lay your sleeve out flat with back side facing up. Mark with a stick pen your elbow position.  Try your sweater on first to find the spot your elbow


Make a pattern , out of some scrap paper, for your elbow patch before cutting your iron on patches. You can make an oval like mine or another shape like hearts. Place on your sleeve to be sure it fits.


Cut two patches using your pattern. Then use your iron to press into place on both arms of your cardigan.


Tadah!  Look how great the elbow patches turned out!


This is a great way to add a personal touch to a plain cardigan or sweater and its No sew!   Happy crafting!   And don’t forget to check out Mo’s DIY!


DIY: Turn your earrings into a Statement Necklace


Isn’t it frustrating when you have the perfect project in mind but can’t find the needed supplies? It happens to me all the time. Hobby Lobby, where I get most of my craft supplies, offers a large selection of all sorts of crafting stuff but limited amounts of each. I may need a certain chain or rhinestone or charm but if I’m not ordering from online from somewhere unknown then better luck next time! Today I want to show you how you can turn cheap store bought accessories into the supplies you need. First, always shop the clearance section. You don’t want so spend a lot of money on an item you are going to cut or tare apart. Look for items that can be easily taken apart and that are not welded together. If you look at most your earrings or necklaces, the pieces are usually connected together by jumps rings. This is the second thing you want to check for. Look for items that have loops or openings that can fit a jump ring.  In this DIY I will show you how to take a inexpensive pair of earrings and turn it into to a statement necklace. Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • 2 sets of cheap earrings
  • Jump rings in all sizes
  • Chain
  • Pliers
  • Plier cutters


If you have earrings that have a post, like mine, cut off the stem with plier cutters on all your earrings.


Then with your pliers take apart all your earrings. These earring where just attached with a jump ring so I all I had to do was open up the jump ring and unattach the bottom half.


When you have all pieces apart arrange in a pattern you like. You can connect each piece to a chain or connect them all together, there are so many possibilities! First, I connected mine to the chain that was pictured in the things you need  list, but I really didn’t like the chain so I changed the chain and came up with this design. I suggest you play around a bit with your pieces until you settle on a layout. Then connect your pieces together with jump rings. I used several different sizes to get all the parts together.


Done! My statement earrings are now a beautiful statement necklace. The earrings I purchased happened to be on sale. I paid $4 bucks total for both pairs. So when you can’t find the supplies your looking for search the  jewelry clearance section!

DIY: Pearl and Chain Necklace


I’ve had this long pearl necklace in my overwhelming stash for years!  It’s hasn’t been part of my neck rotation for over a year now. Since pearls tend to make me feel a little grandma-ish, I was trying to decide whether to keep them or go ahead and give them away.  As you can see I  decided to dust them off and give them a stylish new makeover.  Check out the steps below! Oh! Before that check out yours truly being featured as Meet the Maker on !


Things you need:

  • Pearl necklace
  • An assortment of gold chains in different sizes
  • 2 Extra large jump rings
  • 2 large jump rings
  • 1 medium jump ring
  • Lobster clasp


First, If you have a super long pearl necklace, like mine, you need to  double it over.


Then cut your chains. You don’t want every chain the same length. Make some as long as your pearls and some shorter. I used three chains both 1 inch shorter than my pearls.  Make sure to pick chains in different sizes! Thin, large, chunky…..etc…


Start threading your chains onto a large jump ring. Do this to both ends.


Slide your pearls onto the extra large jump ring then slide on your chains. Close up jump ring with pliers. Repeat steps on the other side.


This is what is should like like with your pearls and chains hooked together. This is the bottom portion.  Now we need to create a piece that will connect it around your neck.

DSCN3871 Take a small link chain about 20 inches and connect lobster clasp with jump ring.


Connect the other end of the chain to your pearls and chains.


Add the last large jump ring to the other end of your necklace.


This is where you will attach your clasp when wearing your necklace.


This necklace can be worn two ways. This is the longer length.


This is the shorter length. You bring the chain around your neck then through jump ring then back around and attach clasp to your jump ring.



You can adjust the length to your liking!  Now, this baby will be in full neck rotation!


DIY: Button Necklace!



Every time I go into hobby Lobby I always stop and look at the buttons. I don’t even need buttons for anything but I will walk all the way across the store just to stare at these buttons. It was like they were calling out to me  BUY ME!  Yesterday I popped in for some supplies for another project in the works and it just so happened the buttons where on sale for 50% off . A couple of seconds later, with a smile and a hand full of buttons,  I made my way to the check out lane. So If you got 5 minutes I have the best DIY you will be thanking me for later!


Things you need:

  • Plier cutters
  • Crystal/Rhinestone Buttons (I got all my buttons here and right now they are 50% off!)
  • Jump rings
  • Ribbon


DSCN3705 With your plier cutters snip off the loop setting on the back of your buttons. Be careful because the pieces will fly in all directions when cutting.  Wear some protective glasses or just put on a pair of shades lol to protect your eyes from the flying pieces. I know cause I almost lost an eye myself!


Arrange your buttons in an order that you like. Now make sure when you purchase your buttons they have open-work designs. This just means there are little openings within the button design.

DSCN3718Using jump rings and pliers to connect your buttons.


Cut two long strips of ribbon. Slide your ribbon through the last jump ring and match ends together. Then slide your second piece of ribbon through the jump ring on the opposite side.

DSCN3725Tie the ribbon in a bow around your neck to wear. This is a great necklace to have in your rotation and just to think nobody will ever know it took only five minutes to make!


DIY: Hardware Store Inspired Necklace


I was recently in the hardware store last week and stumbled upon these mending plates, while looking for some screws. If you remember anything from last year hardware jewelry was everywhere. You’ve even probably DIY’ed some bracelets yourself with nuts or bolts! Don’t worry your not the only one!  I had some idea what I may be able to do with these mending plates but was unsure how it was going to come together.  This DIY is truly all trial and error and figuring it out as I went along.  Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • 12mm  beads
  • 8mm beads
  • Beading string
  • 10 Mending Plates ( you can find these at your hardware store)
  • A large circular ring or large jump ring
  • Large clasp

DSCN35831.  Cut a long piece of string. If you look at your mending plates they have two holes one located at the top and bottom. Start by stringing one of your 12mm beads followed by a mending plate.  String two more beads, mending plate, two beads, mending plate etc.. When you string your last plate only add 1 bead after the plate.


This is what it should look like when you’ve finished. This piece is the bottom half of your necklace.


Knot on both sides. Tie a couple of knots to secure and add some super glue on and around your knots.


Cut another piece of string. Now we need to start the top half of your necklace. String a 12 mm bead then pull your string through the top hole in your mending plate. String another bead followed by a plate. Keep stringing in a 1 bead, plate, 1 bead, plate, pattern. Keep up this pattern until you have reached your last plate.


Now your necklace should look like the one pictured above.


Now let’s begin stringing the beads that will go around your neck. String 13 of your 8mm beads on both sides.


If you want more length add more beads to lengthen.


Tie and knot your ring and clasp to your ends.


Cut all your strings.  Don’t forget to add super glue on and around your knots!


Viola!!!  I think I will make another one I want to try it using two different color beads!

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DIY: Lamprini Inspired Necklace


The jewelry designer Lamprini makes these amazing collar necklaces that are crotchet together with chain, crystals and beads. The details used in each piece is beautiful.  They  sale for between 200-500 bucks!!!  So I will just have to admirer them from a far unless someone would like to gift one to me LOL!  If your like me and can’t afford the price on the ticket, let’s make a similar one together. Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • 2 lengths of 7 inch chain
  • Large chain
  • 2 large jump rings
  • 1/4″ Ribbon
  • 1/8″ Ribbon
  • 20 beads
  • Black Cord
  • Clasp


Cut a long piece of your thin ribbon. Lay both of your short chains side by side then tie and knot them together with your ribbon.


Begin weaving them together going through on side then up through the other side.


Keep weaving until you have no more links. Knot at the last link.



Keep weaving all the way down to the end.


Tie your cord to the chain that doesn’t have the ribbon weaved through it then string one bead.


Once you have your bead strung then pull it up through the next chain length.


Continue to string and wrap your beads.


String all the way down and knot at the end.


Next it’s time to add your large chain. First cut and knot all your ribbon and string.  Take a little super glue and place in the middle of your knots and around the edges of your ribbon to prevent unrevealing.  Then take your large jump rings and attach your large chain to each side.


Now measure your necklace around your neck to get your desired length. Then use some pliers to take shorten chain by taking out links.  Then attach your clasp with a jump ring to the end of your chain.


Ta dah!  Isn’t she gorgeous!!  It’s not the real thing but I can be happy with my DIY version!


DIY: Dramatic Beaded Necklace


A bold statement necklace has been on my DIY list for a while now. With no plan in mind I strolled around the craft store and just picked up random items that interest me. Came home and this is how it turned out!


Things You Need:


Cut a piece of your cord and string your beads.


Tie a knot on each end after stringing your beads.  Take your string and tie to the inner loop of your box clasp. Tie a couple of knots to make sure it stays secure.


The stringing method we are going to use on the bone beads is called a ladder stitch.You can check out a diagram here.  Cut about two yards of your cord. Match your ends up then slide the right end through  right side of your bead(starting with the black bead) and then slide the left end through the left side of your bead. Leave out  three-inch loop. Cut your loop with scissors and tie it in a double  knot.


Take your cord and tie it to your chain. Tie about three knots.


Next grab a white bead and string it the same way. String left side then take then string the right end of your cord through the right side. Continue  to rotate black and white beads in this criss cross pattern until you have used all your pieces.


When you reach the end secure it with a double knot then tie it to your chain.


Attach chain with a jump ring to box clasp.


Last step is to cut all your strings. If you have any super glue handy dab some on the ends of your cord and around your knots!


Isn’t she gorgeous!