DIY: Phillip Lim Inspired Jeans


Phillip Lim showcased these patchwork jeans in his winter 2013-14 collection and I must say he became my hero. Who would think that putting patches on your denim could look every so chic. I have had this on my, MUST DIY, list since February when he debuted his collection in NYFW. Check out how to DIY your own below!


Things you need:

  • Denim skinnies
  • Patches
  • Stick pins
  • Needle and thread (not pictured)

DSCN4633When shopping for your patches you might want to try your army surplus store. I found some of patches there and the others are flea market finds and iron on’s I bought at a craft store. Either kind will work too. Iron on or sew on it’s completely up to you. First,  lay your patches out on your jeans in a pattern you like.


Using your stick pins, pin all your patches into place. Then take your needle and thread and start sewing them into place. If you purchased any that iron on follow the direction on the package to iron the patch in place.


Tadah! It’s really that simple. You can customize your jeans however you want by adding more or just a couple patches.
DSCN4701Happy crafting!

DIY: Varsity Sweater


It’s refashion Monday!  Me and Mo are back with another great DIY for ya! Today we are going to tackle the varsity sweater. You can check out how Mo’s DIY turned out here whoisthatgirlmo.blogspot and check out mine below!


Things you need:

  • Cardigan
  • Iron on Letter
  • Iron on Patches


Lay your cardigan flat and position your letter in spot you like.


Read and follow the instruction to adhere your initial to your cardigan.


Lay your sleeve out flat with back side facing up. Mark with a stick pen your elbow position.  Try your sweater on first to find the spot your elbow


Make a pattern , out of some scrap paper, for your elbow patch before cutting your iron on patches. You can make an oval like mine or another shape like hearts. Place on your sleeve to be sure it fits.


Cut two patches using your pattern. Then use your iron to press into place on both arms of your cardigan.


Tadah!  Look how great the elbow patches turned out!


This is a great way to add a personal touch to a plain cardigan or sweater and its No sew!   Happy crafting!   And don’t forget to check out Mo’s DIY!


DIY: Button Necklace!



Every time I go into hobby Lobby I always stop and look at the buttons. I don’t even need buttons for anything but I will walk all the way across the store just to stare at these buttons. It was like they were calling out to me  BUY ME!  Yesterday I popped in for some supplies for another project in the works and it just so happened the buttons where on sale for 50% off . A couple of seconds later, with a smile and a hand full of buttons,  I made my way to the check out lane. So If you got 5 minutes I have the best DIY you will be thanking me for later!


Things you need:

  • Plier cutters
  • Crystal/Rhinestone Buttons (I got all my buttons here and right now they are 50% off!)
  • Jump rings
  • Ribbon


DSCN3705 With your plier cutters snip off the loop setting on the back of your buttons. Be careful because the pieces will fly in all directions when cutting.  Wear some protective glasses or just put on a pair of shades lol to protect your eyes from the flying pieces. I know cause I almost lost an eye myself!


Arrange your buttons in an order that you like. Now make sure when you purchase your buttons they have open-work designs. This just means there are little openings within the button design.

DSCN3718Using jump rings and pliers to connect your buttons.


Cut two long strips of ribbon. Slide your ribbon through the last jump ring and match ends together. Then slide your second piece of ribbon through the jump ring on the opposite side.

DSCN3725Tie the ribbon in a bow around your neck to wear. This is a great necklace to have in your rotation and just to think nobody will ever know it took only five minutes to make!


DIY: Denim Refashioned 2 Ways!


Todays DIY is a collaboration with fellow blogger Mo of whos that girl mo?  One, Monday out of the month we will be showing you two ways to refashion an article of clothing.  This Monday we are going to show you how to spruce up an old pair of denim to get you fall ready!  My DIY is based on the latest trend two-tone denim. This fall you will be seeing a lot denim  with different colors or patterns on the front and back.  Mo will show you how to revamp your jeans with an acid wash you can check out our her full tutorial here and see how mine came together below!


  • White jeans
  • Black fabric paint
  • Painters tape
  • Paint brush


I suggest you sketch out a design on a piece of paper first then use a fabric pencil to draw it out on your denim. I chose to skip the sketch part and make it up as I went along with my painters tape…… BUT…I found it harder doing it this way to make both sides mirror each other. So sketch it First!!  And Remember your design should only be on the front the back will remain all white.


When planning your design choose the areas you want painted black and which ones will remain white. Make sure to slide a piece of cardboard or paper bag in between your pants before you painting.


Pour some paint on a paper plate and begin to paint the areas that should be black.


Fill in all your areas. Let your paint completely dry before removing your painters tape. Then continue to the other pants leg.  Let dry over night.  I recommend heat setting your fabric paint before wearing. This requires you to iron over your painted design. Place a piece cloth on top before doing so, set your iron on a medium setting with no stem.  Run the iron across the painted sections of fabric for a few minutes, constantly moving around to prevent scorching the fabric.


When the paint has dried and the painters tape is off you will end up with a stylish pair of denim!




Don’t forget to accessorize with your DIY clutch and  DIY cuff!


This our first official post for refashion Mondays! Tell me what you think and don’t forget to go check out Mo’s DIY at!

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DIY: Ribbon wrapped chain bracelet


This DIY is in solute to Patones newly released colors for fall 2013.  Mykonos blue and emerald-green are just two of the colors you will be seeing this fall.  Since I happened to have some left over chain from my last project, I thought what a great way to get ready for the fall than a chunky bracelet  wrapped in some of falls newest colors!   You can check out the fall color chart below!



Things you need:

  •  Large flat link chain you can get it here
  • Jump rings 1 medium and 1 large
  • Lobster clasp
  • Ribbon
  • Super glue
  • Pliers


Measure your chain around your wrist to get your wrist length. Take pliers and shorten your chain to the correct measurement. Next cut about a 8 inch piece of ribbon. Slide your ribbon downward through your first chain link.


Pull the ribbon back up through the next link.


Continue weaving until you’ve reached your last link in your chain.


Cut your ribbon leaving 1 inch length. Apply super glue to the edges to keep the ribbon from unraveling.


Add a little super glue to your chain then glue your ribbon around chain.

DSCN3576Take your jump ring and attach your clasp to the end of your chain. Attach your larger jump ring to the other end.


When your done you will have a great statement piece to wrap your arm in.  I made two lovely bracelets in just under 10 minutes.  I always say,  a DIY doesn’t have to be complicated to make a statement! Enjoy!

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DIY: Lamprini Inspired Necklace


The jewelry designer Lamprini makes these amazing collar necklaces that are crotchet together with chain, crystals and beads. The details used in each piece is beautiful.  They  sale for between 200-500 bucks!!!  So I will just have to admirer them from a far unless someone would like to gift one to me LOL!  If your like me and can’t afford the price on the ticket, let’s make a similar one together. Check out the tutorial below!


Things you need:

  • 2 lengths of 7 inch chain
  • Large chain
  • 2 large jump rings
  • 1/4″ Ribbon
  • 1/8″ Ribbon
  • 20 beads
  • Black Cord
  • Clasp


Cut a long piece of your thin ribbon. Lay both of your short chains side by side then tie and knot them together with your ribbon.


Begin weaving them together going through on side then up through the other side.


Keep weaving until you have no more links. Knot at the last link.



Keep weaving all the way down to the end.


Tie your cord to the chain that doesn’t have the ribbon weaved through it then string one bead.


Once you have your bead strung then pull it up through the next chain length.


Continue to string and wrap your beads.


String all the way down and knot at the end.


Next it’s time to add your large chain. First cut and knot all your ribbon and string.  Take a little super glue and place in the middle of your knots and around the edges of your ribbon to prevent unrevealing.  Then take your large jump rings and attach your large chain to each side.


Now measure your necklace around your neck to get your desired length. Then use some pliers to take shorten chain by taking out links.  Then attach your clasp with a jump ring to the end of your chain.


Ta dah!  Isn’t she gorgeous!!  It’s not the real thing but I can be happy with my DIY version!


DIY: Chain Embellished Clutch


Hello everyone. These past few weeks have been so busy at work I’ve barely had time to post any new DIY’s for you guys but don’t worry this week I’m back!  To kick things off let’s spruce up a clutch with some chain! Check out the tutorial below


Things You Need:

  • Clutch
  • Chain
  • Pliers
  • Super Glue


Measure chain over the area it will be added too.


Use your pliers to shorten chain to the correct length.


Apply glue to your clutch only in the area the chain will lay.


Press chain into place working from left to right. Let dry overnight to make certain the glue is dry and the chain is secure.  I moved mine to early and my chain started to slip so give it time to dry.


All done!   A simple addition can spice up any clutch.

DIY: Earr Cuff


Am I the only one that has been wanting to try an over the top ear cuff?  I have spotted them in just about every magazine and on some the most stylish celebrities.  I finally had an Ahh….. HaH moment while in JoAnns fabrics store, when I came across the perfect sparkly object to make my beautiful cuff.  Check out what I came up with below!


Things You Need:

  • E 6000 glue
  • Black finger nail polish
  • Gemstone cluster embellishment you can get here
  • Wire cutters
  • Ear clips


First, take your wire cutters to cut out the middle stone. I thought three big gems where just too much so I cut out the middle gem.


Once you have the middle gem removed grab your nail polish and paint the clear gems black. Give them about two coats. If you want to keep them clear then just skip this step.


Put a good amount of glue on your ear clips and attach the first one to the bottom gem with the clip facing to the left.  Glue the second clip to the top gem with the clasp facing inward too. Examine the  picture above and be sure to glue them the exact same way.


Done!  If all black doesn’t suit you pick a different color and nail polish can be easily removed with nail polish remover so you change the colors at any time!


What do you think about the ear cuff trend. Will you be adding a least one cuff to your jewelry box?

DIY: Stars and Stripes Tennies










It’s Independence day here in the United States and before heading to the family BBQ I decided to spice up my plain canvas tennis to celebrate this festive event!


Things You Need:

  • Star stickers
  • Fabric markers (red and blue)
  • White canvas shoes


First we need to draw your design out on your shoe.  Take your left shoe and use your stickers to trace stars on just the front half.  Sketch 1 inch stripes on the back half.


Outline your stars in your blue marker then start coloring the background blue. When you get to your stripes you are going to alternate red stripe then white. When your finished put the left shoe to the side and grab the right.


On the right shoe the star and striped pattern will be reversed.  Your going to start with the stripes in the front half of your shoe and stars in the back. Split up the shoe the exact same way you did the other. Then start coloring in with your markers.


Let both shoes dry completely before handling.


Now you have the perfect pair of tennies to show off! The best thing about these shoes is there great to wear anytime!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

DIY: Dramatic Beaded Necklace


A bold statement necklace has been on my DIY list for a while now. With no plan in mind I strolled around the craft store and just picked up random items that interest me. Came home and this is how it turned out!


Things You Need:


Cut a piece of your cord and string your beads.


Tie a knot on each end after stringing your beads.  Take your string and tie to the inner loop of your box clasp. Tie a couple of knots to make sure it stays secure.


The stringing method we are going to use on the bone beads is called a ladder stitch.You can check out a diagram here.  Cut about two yards of your cord. Match your ends up then slide the right end through  right side of your bead(starting with the black bead) and then slide the left end through the left side of your bead. Leave out  three-inch loop. Cut your loop with scissors and tie it in a double  knot.


Take your cord and tie it to your chain. Tie about three knots.


Next grab a white bead and string it the same way. String left side then take then string the right end of your cord through the right side. Continue  to rotate black and white beads in this criss cross pattern until you have used all your pieces.


When you reach the end secure it with a double knot then tie it to your chain.


Attach chain with a jump ring to box clasp.


Last step is to cut all your strings. If you have any super glue handy dab some on the ends of your cord and around your knots!


Isn’t she gorgeous!