DIY: Sequins Sweat Suit


Hello everyone!  I Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Did you eat a lot of Turkey? I know I did! So today is re-fashion Monday, my DIY collab with Mo Mccray, where we bring you two great ways to spruce up and old article of clothing. This DIY is all about glitz, glam and sequins.  Shopping  for the perfect gift brings out the crazy shopper in us all but who can shop while wearing 3 inch hills. I am all for the coziness of a good old fashion sweat suit but I have to say they are not the most fashionable thing, until now! Check out how to glam up your sweat suit with sequins and then pop on over to see what Mo came up with! See the steps below!


Things you need:

  • Sweatshirt
  • Target sweatpants
  • 1 yard of sequins fabric
  • Sequin trim
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors


Lay your pant flat with your pants side seam facing up. Just like if you were going to iron a crease in them. Starting at the waistband measure your trim all the way down to the ankle. Cut trim to fit.


Add fabric glue to the back and glue your trim center over the side seam. Do both pants legs.


Lay your sweat shirt flat.


Spread your material over the area that will be covered.


Use your sweatshirt as a guide and cut material to fit selected section. If you have some old newspaper around you can make an outline of the section that will be sequins, then use it has a pattern to cut your material. DSCN4661

Spread Fabric glue on the area your sequins piece will go and glue down. Make sure to go back around all the edges and use more glue if necessary.


Now the seamstress in me went back over all the trim with a needle and thread and sewed the trim into place.

DSCN4669sequinsjumpsuitNow I can be cozy and chic while doing my holiday shopping!